The Department of Management carries out scientific and applied research activities and university teaching activities in Financial Accounting, Management, Accounting, Planning & Control Systems, Business Strategies, Marketing and Business management, Business organization, Business Finance, Mathematics, Actuarial and financial mathematics, Mathematical finance, Financial Markets and Institutions,  Private Law, Public Law, Labour Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law. The common focus of analysis of subjects in the field of business-economics, management and the study of production sectors is public, private or non-profit enterprises, markets and industrial organizations. The aim of research and teaching applications focus on the structural, behavioural and strategic analyses of enterprises in their competitive contexts. Continuous comparison with the economic situation and development in applied research through collaborations and conventions with the European Union, public institutions and private enterprises concretely contribute to integrate the academic world with the socio-productive system. In the Doctoral school of research of the Faculty of Economics, the Department coordinates the activities of the “Business Management” program and of the “Business Law” program. An active study group in the Department has promoted the setting up of a spin-off called L.I.V.E. which is related to the analysis systems, measurement and evaluation of intellectual capital.